Kung Fu Ballet

The Kung Fu Ballet is our first-of-its-kind story told through a yearlong series of barrel-aged releases. Master Clown Shoes’ tale of redemption, brewing, and martial arts will unfold across these special release beers and an accompanying series of comic strips available exclusively on our website.


Origin Story

Prideful. Blinded by (unfounded?) dislike? Master Clown Shoes challenged the leader of the upstart Motherless Children School of Kung Fu to a duel. He wanted to win, but he didn’t want to maim the man.

Shamed, Master Clown Shoes leaves behind his own teacher, as well as his distraught students. He finds his way to a remote brewery in the mountains, where he waits, quietly, anonymous but for his exceptionally large feet, pondering a path to be redeemed.


Ancient Hills

Perhaps redemption lies ahead? Master Clown Shoes enters the Ancient Hills a man with a mind full of pain and doubt. As he treks along the sight of a brewery surprises him. It rises majestically above the bleak landscape. Perhaps it will offer work, anonymity, and peace? And time to reflect about creating better days.


Luchador at Sunrise

Master Clown Shoes began to feel despair. What was he doing? What’s the point and what’s the purpose of it all? Where, how, could he find a way to fix himself? While lost in these dark thoughts, shockingly, the brewery came under attack! A giant four armed Luchador was tearing the building apart, batting aside or crushing workers in his path. Master Clown Shoes moved to defend his new home, taking a defensive stance as he peered into the face of the monster and he saw his nemesis.