Luchador at Sunrise

Imperial Stout | ABV: 10.5%

Master Clown Shoes began to feel despair. What was he doing? What’s the point and what’s the purpose of it all? Where, how, could he find a way to fix himself?

While lost in these dark thoughts, shockingly, the brewery came under attack!

A giant four armed Luchador was tearing the building apart, batting aside or crushing workers in his path. Master Clown Shoes moved to defend his new home, taking a defensive stance as he peered into the face of the monster and he saw his nemesis.

Tasting Notes

Luchador at Sunrise is a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with cinnamon, vanilla, chipotle and ancho chilis. Layered with subtle notes of dessert-like sweetness and the authentic and unique kick of chili spice, this stout is balanced, nuanced, and complex with a different flavor seemingly revealing itself in every sip.

Available In

19 oz can