That’s so Clown Shoes!

April 22, 2019

Hi, I’m Sam, the newest Clown Shoes hire and one of the main voices you’ll read on this blog. You’ll hear from others at Clown Shoes, including our founder Gregg Berman stepping back in, our sales team, and our head brewer, Dan Lipke.

In the decade we’ve been around, Clown Shoes has always done things differently. The first beer we made was Hoppy Feet, a black IPA, not exactly the “go to” style then or now. We’ve gone on to make beers like Space Cake, Chocolate Sombrero, and Breakfast Exorcism and had some happy accidents like Galacticake. All we want to do is live by our motto: to produce beer without pretension while being free and a little crazy.

Doing things differently in other situations, like the Clown Shoes website, has meant things can end up progressing in directions we do not expect. The metaphorical path that makes up the “Clown Shoes Way” is an exciting road, but it is not a straight line. Sometimes our “way” can even include parking essential components of our brand in a black hole…

For a long time, until today, when you visited the Clown Shoes website you were greeted with an illustration announcing that our website was under construction…and not a whole lot else. Having just that page as our website is not convenient for those looking to find out more about our beer. Thank you for your remarkable patience with us as we Clown Shoes’d our way to putting together this new website.

This website will be the most expansive view into Clown Shoes yet. You’ll find a beer list that breaks down the beers that have defined Clown Shoes: from ingredients and tasting notes to the stories the labels tell. We’ve put up a timeline of our major milestones from the first ten years of Clown Shoes. There’s also a page for you to find our upcoming events that will help shape the next ten years (and beyond). We have an online store where you can buy all the Clown Shoes swag. Finally, our blog is live and, as mentioned earlier, will keep you informed on all things Clown Shoes from people that work here.

Thank you for your loyalty, your passion, and your patronage.