Going Back on Our Word (Sorry not Sorry)

Going Back on Our Word (Sorry not Sorry)

August 16, 2022

We once swore we’d never make a standard-style IPA, but then we found Space Cake. We also once swore we’d never make a pumpkin beer, but here we are launching another rendition of Pumpkin Sombrero this month.

Did we go back on our word? Yes. Do we regret it? No.

We just had it stuck in our heads that people wanted an IPA to taste just like the rest of the market and that pumpkin beers all had to be artificially flavored gimmick beers. Luckily we cleared those silly thoughts from our heads and decided to pave our own path.

We brewed Space Cake as a distinctly different Double IPA way back in 2013 that still remains distinctly different today, and continues to sell at a faster clip than any other beer we’ve made.

Pumpkin Sombrero is also one of the more unique pumpkin beers you’ll find in the pumpkin patch section of stores this fall. We didn’t make an artificially flavored fizzy yellow drink. We opted for real pumpkin puree on top of our Mexican-style stout base. The spices from our Sombrero stout blend perfectly with the puree to give layers of wonderful fall flavors that’ll please anyone from an uber beer nerd to a newbie that loves pumpkin spiced whatever.

Both Pumpkin Sombrero and Space Cake are available now—grab a can and see how different from the ordinary both are.