Clown Shoes Beer’s Kung Fu Master Meets His Match in a Four-Armed Foe (Exclusive)

Clown Shoes Beer’s Kung Fu Master Meets His Match in a Four-Armed Foe (Exclusive)

June 30, 2021

An exclusive preview of Clown Shoes Beer’s Kung Fu Ballet comic strip finds Master Clown Shoes facing a massive, masked four-armed foe.

Watch a kung fu master face a four-armed foe in an exclusive preview of the next chapter of Clown Shoes Beer‘s Kung Fu Ballet comic, released to promote the brewery’s latest release “Luchador at Sunrise,” a 10.5% ABV bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout.

CBR’s exclusive debut of the next installment in the Kung Fu Ballet series comes from Clown Shoes Founder/CEO Gregg Berman and artist/designer Michael Axt. It features Master Clown Shoes fighting a masked, four-armed villain named Yahgo who stands more than seven feet tall. When Master Clown Shoes finds Yahgo, he’s surrounded by unconscious brewery workers in his grasp and on the ground. “His secrets are mine and my powers keep growing!” Yahgo bellows, explaining he’s come to poison Master Clown Shoes and everything the master loves. When Master Clown Shoes asks why, Yahgo responds, “Because of the spiders in my brain!”

Next is an impressive page showcasing the battle between Master Clown Shoes and Yahgo. Even though he’s an old man, Master Clown Shoes proves to be much faster than his masked assailant. Their battle ends with Master Clown Shoes delivering a roundhouse kick to Yahgo’s face, which snaps his neck and forces his head backward.

“The Ancient would never be so careless as to leave you all his secrets,” Master Clown Shoes says in victory.” However, another threat has popped up with the local river turning black and the brewery workers blaming the old man for causing it to happen.

Luchador at Sunrise is a 10 percent ABV bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with cinnamon, vanilla, chipotle, and ancho chilis. According to the brewery, it is “layered with subtle notes of dessert-like sweetness and the authentic and unique kick of chili spice, this stout is balanced, nuanced, and complex with a different flavor seemingly revealing itself in every sip.” It is available to purchase right now in Alabama, New Hampshire, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Connecticut, Florida , Vermont (Hannaford stores), Texas , New York, Louisiana, New Jersey, Maine (Hannaford stores), West Virginia, Ohio, Arizona, Nebraska , Kansas, Iowa, Virginia, California, Tennessee and Australia.