Tuscan Picnic

Tuscan Picnic

Rosé IPA | ABV: 7.5%

We often dream of a perfect picnic from the idyllic Tuscan countryside, enjoying a healthy slab of brie, fresh fruit, and a crisp baguette atop a peaceful hill. Of course, being Clown Shoes, our daydreams inevitably turn extraterrestrial. Where did that UFO come from? What’s this fabulous alien foliage populating our dreamscape of a hillside? These questions don’t have answers, but they make us laugh.

Tasting Notes

Tuscan Picnic is our Rosé IPA. Crisp, bright and floral at its base, an addition of Lambrusco grape juice lends sweet fruit notes reminiscent of our favorite wines. We’ll be reaching for this effervescent delight from whatever sunny hillside gives us the best view of the flamboyant alien invasion.

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