Pumpkin Sombrero

Pumpkin Sombrero

Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout with Pumpkin Puree | ABV: 7%

Every so often, a competitor reaches a pinnacle. When that happens, the only way to keep things interesting is to go unorthodox. Lucha’s at the top. No doubt about it. He’s got nothing left to prove against mere human beings. So how about against a giant pumpkin wrestler with an evil robot brain? Enter: the Gorgeous Gourd!  He may have incredibly tough pumpkin skin, and super strength, but Lucha has four fists ready to unleash destruction and fury.

Tasting Notes

Full-bodied and chock full of luscious dark malt flavor, Pumpkin Sombrero supplements the hallmarks of a classic Mexican-Style chocolate Stout with seasonal spice and pumpkin puree for a twist of seasonal sweetness.

Available In
Pumpkin Sombrero

16 oz 4 pack cans


Draft 1/6bbl keg, 1/2bbl keg