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Leviathan 2020

  • Triple IPA
  • 10%

Availability: Winter 2020/21


Ingredients: Mosaic, Azacca, and El Dorado Hops, 2-Row, C20, and Wheat Malts

The mighty Leviathan is a legendary beast of yore, leaving behind tales of misery and woe in its destructive wake. Sounds cool, let’s go find it. Actually, no! Let’s leave it alone and brew a beer!

We are not the first to craft a Leviathan IPA, and we humbly submit our entry in the shadow of a legendary creature and beer. When we joined Mass. Bay Brewing Co. in 2017, we found ourselves enraptured by Harpoon Leviathan, an Imperial IPA with a massive burst of hop character worthy of its namesake. When the beer was retired, we jumped at the opportunity to brew our own version of this great White Whale of an India Pale Ale.

The Leviathan you hold in your hands today is a gargantuan, and we hope worthy, successor to those before it. This big, bad, bruiser of a Triple IPA boasts mighty waves of powerful hop flavor from relentless dry hop additions of Mosaic, Azacca, and El Dorado hops. Oh mighty Leviathan, we raise a frothy pint of this hop-centric creation in your honor!

Formats: 16oz can, 1/6bbl keg

Distribution: National

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