La Bestia Furioso

La Bestia Furioso

Mexican-Style Imperial Stout | ABV: 10%

It takes a very furious beast to combine flames and flight. That kind of power can vanquish great things, be they forces for good or evil. Thankfully, La Bestia Furioso has channeled its rage, and the awesome force at its disposal is directed at evil doers across the land. At least, that’s what we “hope” is going on.

Tasting Notes

A blend of two incredible stouts, Le Bestia Furioso combines La Pinguina en Fuego – A Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout brewed with spices and habaneros and aged in rum barrels – with Luchador en Fuego – A different take on a Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout, brewed with spices including ancho chili and chipotle powder, aged in Bourbon barrels. Please note that this beer contains lactose.