Russian Imperial Stout | ABV: 12.5%

The gods of lore were a wild bunch. War, bacchanalia, weird family stuff, it was a lot. But then there’s our buddy Hephaestus, and he mostly stuck to the forge. We see him here in his element, hammering away on what will surely become the shield or breastplate of some mighty warrior, all while The Artist goads him on from the peanut gallery. Hephaestus is our ode to the God of the Forge, who kept to himself and wiled away the days forging the weapons and armor that his fellow gods donned for their epic clashes.

Tasting Notes

This Russian Imperial Stout leans on a varied malt bill of chocolate malt, Mesquite-smoked malt, and flaked oats for a hefty base of dark and roasted flavor. Aged in Bourbon barrels, with espresso from Barrington Roasting Co. added, Hephaestus is a beer where strength meets strength, and iron sharpens iron.