Hammer of the Holy

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Blades and axes may grow dull after many battles, but the Hammer of the Holy only strengthens from the copious remains of the Undead in its wake. We’ve brought back this barrel-aged release a handful of times over the years. Not all are worthy to wield the Hammer of the Holy, and not all years are worthy of a release of this beer. But on those occasions that it graces us with it’s presence, we humbly submit to the awesome power of this mythic beer.

Tasting Notes

We take Undead Party Crasher and age it in 100% premium rum barrels to create Hammer of the Holy. Sweet and subtle rum notes mix with the full flavors of dark and smoked malts in this signature barrel-aged release of our beloved American Imperial Stout. Please note that this beer contains lactose.

Beer Details

ALC/VOL:  9%
Hops: Mt. Hood, Nugget, Sterling
Specialty Ingredients: Lactose, Cherry Wood Smoked Malt, Black Malt


16 oz 4-pack can