Circle of Heroes 2

Harvest IPA | ABV: 7%

The Circle of Heroes is back: there are so many everyday heroes amongst us, to brew just one beer in their honor just would simply not be enough!  We are talking about folks like Eric Strout, our second recipient. Eric has contributed over thirty years as an EMT firefighter, dating all the way back to being a 15-year-old volunteer. He’s had a hand in countless courageous moments, often rushing into danger when the community calls for help.  Thank you, Eric, for your heroism!  In your honor, a portion of proceeds from the sales of this beer will be donated to the Kasey Lander Foundation, which contributes scholarships, school funds, and disaster relief in the Newport, Maine community. Join us in raising a glass of this Harvest IPA in both thanks and in celebration!


Tasting Notes

This harvest IPA emphasizes the fresh, earthy, and fruit-forward hops El Dorado and Citra for a delightfully aromatic and flavorful drinking experience.

Citra, El Dorado
Available In

16oz 4-pack