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Cashed Up Bogan

  • Double IPA with Australian Hops
  • 8%

Availability: May 2020

When three duck-billed platypi hit the big time, there’s no chance these rough and tumble pals will just sit around and count stacks. These are the times to live lavishly and get acquainted with newfound class companions, regardless of dress codes or worn out welcomes. There really is nothing like raising a glass and rubbing elbows with the upper crust.

(What is the deal with Clown Shoes Beer and party crashers, anyway? We’re still working through that one, but at least this soirée lacks zombies, werewolves, and litigious vendettas. Less knee pads and wooden stakes, more emphasis on keeping that flamboyant fur coat pulled tight around your mid-section.)

Cashed Up Bogan is our Australian Sparkling ode to the hard-working Aussies who strike it big. Hopped to the nines with Ella and Summer (two hop varieties that got their start Down Under), lush floral aromas and flavors of melon and apricot supplement this Double IPA’s resplendent base of sweet malt flavors.


Ingredients: 2-Row, Wheat, C-40 malt, Ella and Summer hops


Formats: 16oz can 4pk, 1/6bbl keg

Distribution: National

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