Brunch Exorcism

Brunch Exorcism

American Imperial Stout | ABV: 10.25%

Fitz is a festival maker, here at our home at 306 Northern Avenue. When the tents begin to rise, you NEVER want to interfere with his work.  A brunch obsessed demon didn’t get the memo.  He hurled giant bagels, caffeinated beverages, and strips of cooked meats at the brewery.  Fitz, barely phased, exorcised the brute.  Now no longer a demon, the meek soul cleaned up his mess before descending back to hell.

Tasting Notes

Brunch Exorcism is aged in Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, and Maple Bourbon barrels. Cold brew, applewood, and beechwood smoked malts round out the flavor profile, delivering a demon free brunch in a glass!