A Fistful of Unidragon

Russian Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon

When easy encounters became close calls, The Artist new better than to wait for the next close call to be his final hour. He needed an ace in the hole, a failsafe option to keep danger at arms length. What he got was A Fistful of Unidragon.

Tasting Notes

This Russian Imperial Stout slightly alters Blaecorn Unidragon with Mesquite-smoked malts, adding to the rich, complex flavors that our classic Russian Imperial Stout traditionally encompasses. Aged in Bourbon barrels, A Fistful of Unidragon blends in a touch of Bourbon sweetness to layer over the array of flavors on display in this full-bodied stout.

Beer Details

ALC/VOL:  12.5%
Specialty Ingredients: Mesquite-smoked malt